Last Supper Project

What is the Last Supper Project?

A performative dinner to explore death and mortality in life

Last Supper is a group performative dinner that offers the opportunity to talk about the role of death and mortality in our lives. A maximum of 12 participants are invited each night to bring a dish they would want to share as their ‘Last Supper’ and to join in a collective conversation. Last Supper intends to facilitate conversation around death and our own mortality with each participant’s contributions as their starting point.

The Last Supper was conceptualised following the chosen death of my mother in 2015, before which my sister and I prepared her final meal: home-made lasagne and organic apple cider – just how she liked it. Despite that my mother was unable to enjoy the food in the way she once had, the occasion provided a space to celebrate her life in the knowledge that it would be over the following day.

Consequently, the Last Supper dinners have proved to be engaging and open performative experiences in which a group of strangers come together and find common ground to discuss and reflect on life and death. Through this project, my aim is to lighten this dark, unspeakable cloud and I have found that Last Supper has not only contributed to the current discourse on death, but has provided a place for people to talk about this inevitable, painful yet cathartic life phenomenon.




How to organise your own Last Supper?

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Want to organise your own Last Supper dinner?

My aim as an artist is that this project will get a life of its own. A project about death that will continue to exist, even when I am not organising it anymore or when I am not there anymore. I would like to see it as an ‘open to use’ art project.

Excited to organise your own Last Supper dinner?

Please download and read this PDF file carefully.

Check out the calendar if you want to know about any upcoming Last Supper events, or if you are curious where and when Last Supper’s have been organised before. 

Looking forward to see the project happening around the world.

Emma Miriam Berentsen


Last Supper Calendar

Upcoming Last Supper events 

Previous Last Supper events have happened here

May 2016, Lokaal 72, Arnhem (NL)

July 2016, Chisenhale Studios, London (UK)

August 2016, Emma’s Garden, London (UK)

January 2017, Pop-Up Church, Arnhem (NL)

February 2017, Glasshouse, Brooklyn (USA)

September 2017, MaasTD, Rotterdam (NL) 

June 2018, Royal Holloway, London (UK)

June 2019, Museum Tot Zover, Amsterdam (NL)


October 2019, Dutch Design Week, Eindhoven (NL) 



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